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Banks & brokers

"ActivoTrade is the choice of investors who value reliability, ease of use and simplicity. Our customers value the personalized trading environment and the incomparable support we are able to provide them. This value proposition has developed with the help of our people and the continuous support from our partners.

At ActivoTrade we have been able to build a significant proportion of our business thanks to our relationship with Saxo. This is the result of an open, mutual beneficial and respectful partner relationship.

Saxo offers us dedicated Relationship Management and we are able to draw on a team of both local Spanish representatives and specialists working in three time zones.

Saxo’s multi-asset offering with +30,000 financial products, allows us take a sophisticated FX (spot, forwards and options), Stocks, CFDs, Commodities, Futures, Contract Options and Single Stock Options trading solution to our customers.

The continuous technology improvement and great product definition enables us to offer our customers the most innovative and best-in-class solution in the market."

Raza Pérez
ActivoTrade, Spain

Banks & brokers

"With our extensive experience in the Asset Management area, engaging with Saxo allowed us to boost our positioning in the trading space, by providing a state-of-the-art technological solution.

In an integrated way, our customers have access to a wide range of products and services, which allows them to seize market opportunities around the world, anytime and anywhere.

The consistent knowledge-sharing and Saxo’s great support have been instrumental in helping us become, in a short period of time, one of the leaders in the online derivatives market."

Carlos Almeida
Head of Trading
Banco Best, Portugal

Banks & brokers

"It’s impossible to think that one can spend 10 years in a “honeymoon” environment. However, our relationship with Saxo is solid, close, mutually beneficial and creates a balance of interests that, in theory, would not be easy to manage. The relationship has endured the markets’ ups and downs, the internal friction due to the entry of new WLCs in the market, and situations regarding trading rules and countless negotiations.

Saxo has always delivered capabilities with a “face.” For Banco Carregosa, this face is a team of Portuguese workers unrivalled in their willingness to solve pending issues."

Pedro Duarte
Banco Carragossa, Portugal

Banks & brokers

"The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Standard Bank) has decided to partner with Saxo to provide its clients with a “best of breed”, multi asset class international trading platform.

Saxo’s personalized touch, extensive range of asset classes, scalable technology and people were the differentiating factors for us!"

Brett Duncan
Global Head of Retail Equities, Global Markets
Standard Bank, South Africa

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Banks & brokers

"Old Mutual Wealth is very excited by the partnership with Saxo to support the expanding Private Client Securities business launched in 2013, the platform comes with rich functionality which is used by our portfolio managers, financial advisors, the trading team and end clients to efficiently manage the full end to end of the wealth management cycle."

Chris Potgieter
Head of Private Client Securities
Old Mutual Wealth

Banks & brokers

“Saxo Portfolio Manager has been a transformational tool in allowing us to expediently expose our clients to our best global investment ideas and at the same time ensuring best execution and portfolio management practise.”

Simon Fillmore
Independent SecuritieS