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Liquidity and integration solutions for established and new MT4 brokers and money managers

SaxoMT4 Linked accounts for professional and algo-driven clients

API connectivity to multiple platforms and technology vendors

Industry trends

Many retail brokers use MT4 or other platforms as an execution harness and then manage that flow according to their risk appetite and liquidity requirements.

Reliable liquidity access and robust systems integration can make the difference between a broker’s survival or failure.

Saxo’s response

Saxo provides a customised liquidity solution for retail brokers.

Our sophisticated liquidity solutions are backed by over two decades of experience as a liquidity provider to a wide range of market participants.

Our technology-driven approach provides integration with popular retail and institutional platforms.

Key features

Multi-asset liquidity for MT4 brokers

Saxo offers API connectivity, FX Prime Brokerage and liquidity services via a server-side FIX API and best-in-class MT4 bridge plugin.

  • Plugin to a fast and flexible MT4 bridge
  • Fully hosted White Label solutions with MT4 via PrimeXM
  • Liquidity feeds directly integrated with top bridge providers including: PrimeXM, Gold-I, One-Zero, Takeprofit Technology, Tools4Brokers, and others

Third party API connectivity

Retail broker aggregators can plug in additional liquidity sources for existing or new products on their preferred choice of platforms in a few days.

We work with TradAir, cTrader, PFSoft, Currenex, First Derivatives.


SaxoMT4Linked for prop traders and money managers

Banks & brokers

With SaxoMT4 Linked we offer an account that brings together the stability and flexibility of a Saxo account, with the EA and algo functionalities of MT4.

  • Full allocation capabilities for money managers
  • Free access to advanced MT4 trading functionality: one click and market depth
  • VPS services cross connected with <1 mls latency to Saxo MT4 servers running in LD4

A ‘one account’ experience to execute, manage risk and cross margin

Banks & brokers

Saxo enables our liquidity clients to manage multiple products and exposures via a single cross-collateralised margin account.

  • Real-time position keeping and account management
  • Integrated back-office, risk management and extensive reporting platform

Other Saxo Markets solutions

Banks & brokers

Banks & brokers

Saxo enables banks and brokers to expand their trading offering for their clients, and ultimately improve operating results through specialised outsourcing strategies.

Private banks

Private banks

Saxo supports private banks to innovate through trading technology. Saxo offers a suite of trading solutions that can be leveraged internally for trading and advisory teams, or offered directly to digitally savvy private clients.

Private banks

Fund managers

Saxo offers fund managers direct markets access to global markets, from a single account in real time. Saxo serves hedge funds, alternative UCITs and traditional mutual fund managers.

Private banks

Professional traders and money managers

Saxo offers Professional Traders and Money Managers direct access to global markets, from a single account in real-time.

Private banks

Family Offices

Saxo offers Family Offices the ability to manage multiple clients with fully integrated reporting. Saxo’s one account, one margin approach significantly decreases complexity for Family Offices trading across multiple asset classes.



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